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2020 Gradings

Student of the Month 2019

December 2018

Well done Libby for achieving Student of the Month December 2018! I have seen Libby grow in confidence since her first lesson. She is always passionate about learning new songs and techniques and always does her best.

November 2018

Well done Toby for achieving Student of the Month November 2018! Toby has picked up sight reading so quick since starting his lessons. At a young age he can sight read as he is playing along to the music.

October 2018

Well done Emily for achieving Student of the Month October 2018! Emily can confidently read through new sheet music and adapt and apply technique to the specific genre. She has quickly worked through different levels of difficulty and is working towards a grade 4-5 level of playing. 

September 2018

Well done Lily for achieving Student of the Month September 2018! Lily has been working hard on improving her technique for her exam coming up in November and has demonstrated excellent improvising and playback skills. 

August 2018

Well done Harry for achieving Student of the Month August 2018! Harry is a fantastic drummer and has great technique for such a young player. I have also seen Harry grow in confidence when playing fills to music.

July 2018

Well done to Rocky and Tiger, joint winners for July!

June 2018

Well done to José for achieving Student of the Month June 2018! He a passionate drummer and is able to confidently take on challenges. He is always enthusiastic and has a can do attitude in his lessons. He is also brilliant at sight reading!

May 2018

Well done Chris for achieving Student of the Month May 2018. Chris has grown in confidence in his sight reading and writing skills. He is playing along to music to his grade songs and is progressing well!

April 2018

Well done to Samuel for achieving Student of the Month April 2018! He is always enthusiastic when learning new songs, techniques and technical exercises. He takes all feedback and direction on board and puts in 100% to improve his playing and technique!

March 2018

Well done to Emily for achieving Student of the Month March 2018. Emily is starting to play independently and intuitively and is growing in confidence in her playing; she is a quick learner when it comes to sight reading her grade pieces too! 

February 2018

Well done to Megan for achieving Student of the Month February 2018. Megan is practicing hard for her Grade 1 exam. She has become confident with playing her fills which she shied away from before. She is practicing the songs along to the music now and has become excellent at playback! 

January 2018

Well done to Milo for achieving Student of The Month for January 2018. Milo is practicing pieces for his Grade 5 exam and hasn’t had access to his drum kit lately due to home improvements and every lesson he has made significant improvements through his hard work, dedication and passion for playing. 

December 2017


Well done to Annabel for achieving Student of The Month for December 2017. Annabel always puts in 100% in her lessons when learning new songs and takes on challenges in her stride! She also performed at the Annual Student Concert in December and performed brilliantly despite her nerves.