Who am I?

My mission is to change the perception of private tuition services. With designed lessons and beginner courses tailored to you, Milne Drum Tuition will provide a personalised, professional learning environment; focusing on your aims and needs. My aim is to create a positive and fun learning environment for students to learn and grow. I have a variety of students with different abilities and ages. With my youngest student at 6 years old and my eldest 67!

Milne Drum Tuition was created and founded in early 2016 by Emma Milne. I have been playing from a young age and graduated from the Academy of Music and Sound with a First Class BA (Hons) in Music Performance. I also enjoy music theory, singing and performing in a duo. I have experience playing in a band and building individual performance techniques.

All of my students are able to study and take drum exam grades up to grade 8 with Rock School and Trinity College London. I will also help you brush up on skills that you already have and drive you forward to achieve your goals, whether you are intermediate or advanced. At Milne Drum Tuition, you will be recognised and accoladed by a unique reward system. You can also learn your favourite songs, how to read and write drum scores, rudiments and much more, take a look at Tuition Services


"Emma is really funny and creative. I like my lessons because they are really intriguing and fun. Emma has taught me a lot, she teaches in an exciting way. I am never bored in my lessons we get to play a game. Emma is the best teacher I have ever had and I love my lessons with her."
"I get to tell Emma new songs that I want to learn and play. I like learning about dynamics and playing drum games. I can read music too."
"I really enjoy drumming and enjoy lessons with Emma. She always try to make everything fun. In lessons sometimes we play this game called "copy king". Emma is a really good drumming teacher and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wanted to get into drumming."
"Emma Milne has taught me for 6 months and she's very kind helpful. She lets me practice when ever I want. When I don't understand something she explains it more so I understand it."
"I like that Emma taught me what all the dynamics are called, mp, mf, f, p, pp, ff and I started by playing drums at a school fair and I wanted to learn more so I started my drum lessons with Emma. I like playing the game where we stick on the names for each drum and the listening game."
"I find my drum lessons with Emma amazing because you get to try new songs and learn new things. You get to play a tune and Emma will help and guide you through the song. Emma will always play the song for you so you know what it sounds like. It is so fun trying new things and learning new things. You play a game sometimes. I would definitely recommend Emma."
"I think that lessons are really fun working with Emma because she has a kind, gentle way of teaching as well as making it exciting."
"In the 18 months of attending tuition with Emma, our 8 year old daughter has gone from a shy beginner into a confident and enthusiastic player, reading music and currently preparing for her Grade 1 exam. She has a great friendship with Emma and looks forward to her weekly lessons. We have occasionally changed schedules due to work commitments and school activities and every time Emma was willing to work with us to accommodate our needs."
Jason O