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What Can You Learn?

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Build Confidence Through Performance

Learn practice techniques, independence and reading skills in your lessons. Confidence is a key part of everyones lives and learning a musical instrument can boost confidence in other academic subjects too, these two often go hand in hand. 

Play With Other Musicians

Now more than ever we need to keep music collaborative, especially from a performance point of view. If you don’t have an opportunity to perform with other musicians, practice with demo tracks and drumless tracks (for now!)

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Learn To Read Your Favourite Songs

Learning to read drum notation isn’t as tricky as you think it might be! Learn how to confidently read and write notation so you can pick up new songs quicker. Learn how to create cheat sheet charts and perform without sheet music too!

"I really enjoy my drum lessons with Emma, she makes the lessons fun and interesting. She is patient with me and happy to go over parts of music until I understand it, she has helped me to become a more confident drummer."
"Having never hit a drum before I was slightly nervous going into my lessons. Emma's approach to teaching helped ease those nerves and I was playing with a lot more confidence after just a couple lessons. Great balance of practical and theory also. Would definitely recommend Emma to anyone looking to start up drumming"

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