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£10.oo for a 20 minute online lesson

£14.oo for a 30 minute online or at the studio lesson

£20 for a 45 minute online lesson

£28 for a hour online or at the studio lesson

We are going cashless! Online payments by bank transfer or PayPal must be made on or before the lesson. Block booking/payments can be arranged please contact. 

*Please understand cancellations must be notified 48 hours before the lesson otherwise there will be a 50% which will be payable at the next lesson.*

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Lesson availability:



Lessons at Milne Drum Tuition are available to book:

Monday: 4:30-8:30, Tuesday 4:30-8:30 Thursday: 4:30-7:00, Friday 4:15-6:00

Saturday: Rising Stars and Brunel Brass Academy (Brass Band) 9:00-11:00 (Currently postponed)

Lessons at Andy Wraight Teaching Studios are available to book:Wednesday 4:30-7:30

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What can you learn?

At Milne Drum Tuition, I have designed a Foundation course that can be tailored with you in mind. This course will give you the foundation you need to build your skills, techniques and all-round playing ability. Intermediate and advanced tuition is also available. You can takeTrinity College Long 2018 Rock and Pop grade books from Initial to Grade 8!


It's important to build a solid foundation. If you are a complete beginner or have been playing before but never quite grasped the basics. Foundation lessons will give you a good understanding of the basic techniques and grooves.
  • 1/4 note (crotchet) grooves
  • 8th note (quaver) grooves
  • 16th note (semiquaver) grooves
  • 4/4, 3/4, 6/4, 12/8 time signatures
  • Stick grip
  • Shuffle rhythms
  • Triplets
  • Basic half and whole bar fills
  • Hand and feet co-ordination
  • Understanding song structure
  • Reading basic drum notation


  • Improving timing
  • Playing to a click
  • Rudiments
  • Genre studies: funk, reggae, jazz, indie, metal
  • Co-ordination development
  • Advanced reading and writing
  • Performance techniques
  • Improvisational skills 
  • Practice methods and techniques


  • Odd time signatures
  • Displacement
  • Advanced rudiments
  • Latin and Latin funk
  • Afro-cuban styles
  • Advanced reading and writing
  • Linear phrases
  • Advanced techniques
  • Four way limb co-ordination
  • and much more!

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